Want me to help you realise your musical ambition?


Have you ever felt as if you were not truly captured when you/or another pressed record? Have you recorded guitar/voice tracks that you'd love to hear taken to the next level but do not know where to start? Perhaps you don't like to play with a click track but are unsure of how to sync a full track to it all the while maintaining your unique flow.  Well this is where I can help!


I specialise in taking raw singer/songwriter projects and making them full scale productions all the while keeping a loving eye on that heartbeat that sparked the original idea. The intimate connection between voice and guitar IS the instrument that birthed the song. I do not separate the 2 and I do not seek to undermine that connection. I beat map, experiment with loops, layer guitar parts, unearth musical moments to embellish your ideas, embrace the accidents and always make sure you are heard in your work. 


Give me a shout to arrange an in depth chat to see what I can bring to your project.