Who am I?


My name is Stephen William Hodd. I am a singer/songwriter, guitarist, music producer, and host of the Tapping the Flow podcast.


Over the years, I have toured both under my own name and as a guitarist for notable artists such as Passenger and Lou Rhodes. My true passion lies in expressing music authentically, guided by an experimental compass.


This passion translates into a diverse musical output. I'm the person to talk to when you want to capture your essence and elevate it to something extraordinary.


My goal is to create an album that pays tribute to my influences without compromise. Imagine an album with the acoustic sensibility of John Martyn, the songcraft of Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, the soundscapes of Leftfield, the musicality of Mike Oldfield, and the sonic intensity of BJ Burton-era LOW—all while respecting the spirit of live performance.


This is no small task, but it is my mission. In pursuing this, I face the same challenges you do in your musical journey. That's why I believe I am uniquely positioned to assist you on your creative path.