Need some acoustic guitar parts for your productions?

B&W Guitar

I have been recording professional level acoustic guitar for over 25 years. It is in my blood to find a unique way to reframe a part and to capture an emotional take synced perfectly with the energy of your track. I explore alternate tunings, picking patterns, strumming ideas and any other methods that the song calls for.


I have recorded guitar for many sessions but my main creds are my own works, with Lou Rhodes, and with Passenger for many years.


For an idea of my style take a listen to the Catherine Rudie track below.

When I am given the task of providing guitar for a song I encourage my fingers to weave a textured trip via the emotional call of the song. I then layer some takes up in interesting ways. Of course if the song calls for a straight up strum I can do that too.


Give me a shout to chat further in detail about what you need from me. I have a fine range of Acoustic Guitars to call upon including : 1976 Gurain J-R (Rosewood, My Finger Picking Pride), 1978 Gurian J-M (Mahogany, A beautiful all-rounder, less resonant than the rosewood guitar and a fine strummer), A Gibson J-45 (Most of the guitars on my album 'Ode' when I was singing and playing at the same time were recorded with this. It sits perfectly in any track and never gets in the way).