• Free your creativity

  • Don’t just ‘play’ music, let it play you!

  • Celebrate your rawness and embrace your unique character

  • Press record and let go of studio anxiety

  • Learn to let your ‘accidents’ guide you

  • Use your muse to take you and others to a place of healing

Need help/advice/mentorship on your creative journey?

I can help you to achieve your creative liberation. I have spent countless hours letting loose with my musical output in the studio. I have also taken it on the road to festivals and venues around the country.  I know what it is like to crash the loop ship into a burning pile of embers. I have had to learn how to float Icarus again and again. The results are always different but I. have identified what works for me and what doesn’t. I helm a podcast dedicated to unearthing creative insights from professional performers called Tapping The Flow. I know the questions to ask in order to get the answer needed.

On top of this I have also been privy to some amazing live takes in studio and on stage. We know when we have struck gold. The flow emerges from a calm state. One has to get into that calm state before one moves a muscle. I know the tricks of the trade in this realm very well.

So if you feel you’d like to have some tailored advice about how to approach performing, recording or composing please give me a shout and lets have a loose chat to hone in on your own specific needs!

Maybe you ‘d value some advice on how to best setup your live rig be it with Ableton Live or with a pedalboard setup. I have been down many roads with this stuff. Trust me I know what works.